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Carbon offsets empower us to take responsibility for our environmental impact, transforming our daily actions into meaningful contributions towards a sustainable future.
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Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX) is the world’s first digital carbon offsetting exchange for spot price, voluntary carbon credit trading.
Our Planet is Choking on Plastic
CTX launches ‘Plastic Fantastic’ Verra Plastic Credits to Trade on CTX
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The Leading Global Spot Trading Platform for Voluntary Carbon Credits

Carbon Trade eXchange-India (CTX-India) is India’s first digital exchange for
carbon offsetting, offering spot prices and facilitating voluntary carbon credit trading.


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Why CTX?


Strict certification standards, no counterparty risk


Buy and Sell carbon credits in one marketplace


Exportable data and reports with live market pricing


Cost-effective global maketplace for carbon offsets

Certified Carbon Trading


Exchange, Purchase and Cancel Carbon Credits

We understand offsetting is a last resort and every effort should be made to reduce emissions within businesses and industries but if you need to offset, we ensure you have the world’s most responsible options available.

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CTX Voted No. 1 Carbon Credit Exchange For 2023

The world has slowly started taking climate change and is realizing carbon has been a natural killer. While the change is slowly coming in, it is tough to eliminate all the sources of carbon at a go. Hence the concept of carbon credit was bought into the picture so that the companies contributing more to emissions and pollution could invest in carbon-positive ventures through a carbon credit product. While a lot of Carbon credit business happens voluntarily, a few exchanges have made their mark. Here is the list of the best exchanges that one should keep an eye on in 2023.

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World First Web/Cloud-based Exchange Interfaced with Blockchain Registry: BioCarbon Registry – South America’s New Global Credit Standard

Blossoming out of South America, BioCarbon Registry (BCR) recently ‘rebranded’ from ProClima but only the name has changed. Runner up to Verra VCS in the 2021 Environmental Finance Awards for Best GHG program, BioCarbon Registry has developed and continues to develop project standards and methodologies for biodiversity and GHG projects which are committed to long term sustainability. Their standard is applicable to voluntary and regulated markets (in South America) and CTX’s cloud-based infrastructure is now electronically interfaced with BioCarbon Registry’s blockchain technology making it possible to buy their high-quality Verified Carbon Credits (VCCs) electronically 24/7, 365 days.

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CTX Smashes Trading Records of Genuine Offset Sales

In December 2021 over 6,000 CDM Project proponents received emails from the UNFCCC inviting them to list inventory on CTX, to satisfy cashed up buyer demand. Not only CERs but increased treasure troves of Verra VCS and Gold Standard credits have been uncovered and millions of dollars in funds in the CTX Exchange escrow accounts have been flowing to projects and credit owners in a record-breaking quarter.

Buyers on CTX range from large trading houses to small reseller brokers (offsets for smaller companies) to large corporations buying direct. So, these aren’t numbers flipping on a screen – not derivatives or futures, they are verified issued credits being sold to offset emissions.

In addition, CTX signed up over 60 new trading members – buyers and sellers.

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As a digital exchange we operate globally 24/7 365 days of the year with GUARANTEED delivery of credits and proceeds of sale with continuous trading contracts.